The Mate40 RS delivers the viewing experience you always wanted, With a massive 93% screen-to-body ratio on a 7.2"inch screen.

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- 24MP Front Camera Clear and Stylish Selfie

The Mate40 RS world-leading 24MP front camera turns your every selfie into a work of art experience greater brightness, màu sắc vibrancy, clarity and dynamic range. Even in the dimmest light, whenever you need it, your Mate40 RS is right there with you, capturing every moment with crystal-clear precision, Turn your selfies into masterpieces và shine in every photo.


- Rear HD camera

The Mate40 RS features a 48MP camera combination. The main camera sports a large f/1.8 aperture & 1.28um pixels, This strong combination boosts photo-sensitivity in backlight or low light, Just point and shoot, và Mate40 RS will make sure your pictures remain clear and bright.


- Face Access

 The Mate40 RS also supports facial recognition upon activation, Mate40 RS scans your facial features and unlocks instantaneously accessing your phone has never been so easy, or so fun.


-Fingerprint unlock

The phone supports true fingerprint unlocking, protects your personal privacy, supports fingerprint photography, and makes your entertainment more fun.


- Powerful Performance

The MTK6889 mobile platform with 10mm process công nghệ makes young people who love the young và other popular games. The trò chơi is on và lower.

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- app android 10.0

The new interactive design makes the operation simple & simple, the use of the mobile phone is so simple & straightforward, everything is handy.


- Dual SIM card supports TF card

Dual card dual standby, card slot does not distinguish between the main và the deputy, supporting the worlds 50 major communication carrier networks



1.Model No.:Mate40 RS

2.Platform : MTK6889, Deca core (Latest 10 Core)

3.Standby: Dual sim dual standby (A slot support SIM card, another slot tư vấn SIM thẻ or TF card)

4.Screen: 7.2 HD+ Full Display 1440*3088

5.Speaker: 1511 Box Speaker

6.Frequency: GSM850/900/1800/1900MHz, 3G: WCDMA850/1900/2100MHz,4G LTE,5G

7.Vibration: Support

8.Colors: Black/White

9.Memory: 12GB RAM+512GB ROM

10.Multi Media: MP3/MP4/3GP/FM Radio/Bluetooth

11.Camera: 24MP+48MP

12.Multi Function: Full screen, Face recognition, Dual SIM, Wi-Fi, GPS, Gravity Sensor, Alarm ,Calendar ,Calculator ,Audio recorder ,Video recorder, WAP/MMS/GPR, Image viewer,E-Book,World clock,Tasks card rear flash IML rear cover

13.Languages: Muti-language support

14.Others: game android OS 10.0 System

15.Battery: 5800mAh Lithium-ion battery

16.Type-C plug

17.Ultra unibody



Due khổng lồ the difference in light, the actual color of the phone may be slightly different from the screen & the picture. Màu sắc names are only used khổng lồ distinguish between individual SKUs. Please understand that. Thank you.


The battery capacity is typical of the factory laboratory, the specific charging speed, the length of use & other data, the actual situation will be slightly different due lớn the power nguồn cord, power nguồn adapter, ambient temperature. When the phone is completely out of power & automatically shuts down, you need to charge your phone for more than 10 minutes khổng lồ boot. It is recommended lớn charge when the battery is less than 20% charged.


Available memory capacity is subject khổng lồ preloaded software


Product images and models, data, functions, performance, specifications, etc. Are for reference only. We may improve the above contents. For details, please refer to lớn the product and product description. Unless otherwise stated, the data contained in this website are our internal demo results, và the comparisons are compared with our products.

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The smartphone phone does not support the Telecom CDMA 2G 3G network. (For example US Sprint & Verizon operators)


Package Included:

1 x Smartphone,

1 x Charger Adapter,

1 x Headphones,

1 x User Manual,

1 x phone case,

1 x Protection film












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